Selling a ticket for the Jonas Brothers Concert 11/28/12
Do you like high waisted shorts?


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I am now not only selling bows/bow ties, but high waisted shorts!(: 

Tie-dye, distressed, studded, Levi’s. All kinds of cute and fashionable shorts all for under $30!!!

Check it out!!

I just started it up so there aren’t too many up, but there are more to come!(:

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Anonymous said: Hey hun, i just wanted to let you know that i check your blog like everyday and we have like the same interests! I'm in college and i'm trying to get rid of some of my old stuff and save $ for sorority dues! i've got a lot of gently used, super cute Juicy Couture stuff for great prices for sale on ebay and i would love you forever if you would check out my store or even promo it! i think it's def you're style. just google zoes_stuff18 and click on the ebay link. Thank you so so much! <3 <3 <3

cool, I will check it out.

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Anonymous said: where did you get that giraffe shirt from?

The giraffe shirt was my grandmothers <3


Anonymous said: hey when you met shortie how was he doing? was he still homeless? I'm very curious I hope he's doing well!

Yeah, he was still homeless and out on the streets! :( I thought he would’ve been doing better by then but he wasn’t really.

Nothing Compares to You (by Ariana Velazquez)